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Newsletter 'September' 2019

.............................THE WOODSTOCK – OXFORD MEN’S PROBUS CLUB...............................


  Woodstock, Ontario

Volume 30, Issue 12- September 2019


We meet monthly on the 2nd Tue at 9:45 A.M. at Quality Inn



Our Presidents 1st Message Jerry Klages


 The club year is now complete. At the September meeting, the Annual General Meeting, we elect officers for the upcoming year, consider and approve the business that the club has accomplished in the past year, approve a budget for the upcoming year, as well as finish up all of our usual business. This year we are in particular need of a newsletter editor. If you have an interest in being the editor, please advise the nominating committee that you would stand for this position. This is a great way to learn about the club and its members. We encourage all members to participate to keep the club interesting, informative and friendly. Please consider helping by suggesting tours, speakers and social events to our committees. New ideas are always welcomed. 

1st VP Jerry Klages 



Science Club


  *SCIENCE CLUB meets at 8:30 am Sept 10 

1. Bob McLeod concerning his engineering of a system for the field distribution of liquid manure. This will be an insight into how an accumulating liability is turned into an asset. This should be of interest to engineers, farmers and end-users of dairy products. 

2. Al Driedger will examine how fake news is infecting and harming progress in the sciences. If you value truth-telling, you want to hear this. 

August Guest Speaker Tim Burrows The FUTURE is Electric….

 *Tim Burrows from Tesla* Tim Burrows is a retired Vice President of Forty Creek Distillery and a graduate of the University of Toronto. He is an active member of the Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association which works to promote the advancement of electric mobility in Canada. Tim and his wife Lesley have lived in Carlisle for the past 23 years. 

 Tim has owned only two electric vehicles (EV). His current vehicle is a Tesla Model X SUV ($115,000) which he has driven many trouble free miles throughout North America. He gave us a parking lot demonstration of its many features. In 1996, General Motors introduced the EV1, the first mass-produced electric vehicle. GM manufactured slightly more than 1,100 EV1 models but abandoned production in 1999. Now many models of EVs are available and more are coming. There are a number of benefits to EVs over internal combustion engine cars and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). Owners of an EVs have the advantage of much lower running costs. Tim’s energy costs are about a quarter of a gas car. Cheaper to maintain and service. An EV has a lot less moving parts than a conventional car. Better for the environment. An EV has zero exhaust emissions Charging can be done by plugging into a regular 120 volt plug. For many an overnight charge is sufficient. A dedicated 240-volt system can fully charge the car in as little as 4 hours. Commercial direct current systems can give a 75% charge in 20 minutes. Many charging stations are in place so that driving anywhere is practical. The Tesla X range is 500 Kilometres. The amount of energy stored in the Tesla is equivalent to the household energy used in 4 days.

 Tim is a great Ambassador for Tesla and the future of ELECTRIC VEHICLES! 



Who Am I? Presenter: Carl Moore (condensed version)


September‘s WHO AM I is Replaced with AGM

  “I am more than a successful Farmer” 

I am a quiet but forceful man who has his roots in Omemee - the home of Neil Young. I grew up on a farm, attended University of Guelph for a couple of degrees, became an agribusiness marketing manager and then a lecturer and department head at Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology. I enjoyed a stint as agricultural manager for Southwestern Ontario with a chartered bank. The farming bug brought me back to Oxford County as a crop, beef, dairy and hog farmer. I eventually became involved in pork politics and climbed to the top of Ontario Pork and then Canadian Pork Council and Canadian Animal Health Coalition. In these positions, I was involved in successful Live Hog Countervail negotiations with the United States and with policy developments to counter SuperBugs, SARS and major animal health concerns. Today, I am semi-retired but keep my hand in farming with my wife of 28 years, Sharon and the Farm Debt Mediation Service. We enjoy travelling and trying to keep up with our 6 adult children and 11 very active grandchildren. Carl Moore 

Future Guest Speakers


Future  Speakers  


 October 11 Science Club 8:30 am Al Driedger  

Main Speaker 10:30 am OPP Speaker about new Fraud

 November 12 is Remembrance Day - A War Vet’s Story 

         Medical Cannabis      Cannabis uses and legislation




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Nominating Committee



Management Committee Positions Nominations

The following positions are open for nominations for the next club year.

Second Vice President



Who Am I ? 


Newsletter Editor

 The following position for the 2019 – 20 Probus management board still needs to be filled.  Any interested & creative members can contact the nominating committee. Dave King, Jerry Klages, Phil Thorne, or Bill Weir 

 New Members; Terry Thompson

Birthdays; 50/50


 Ian Clark, 

Earl Clayton,

 David Clowes,

 Phil Dunbar,

 Bill Koleszar,

      John McDougall,

 Jim Savage, 

Dave King, 

Jack Pasma 

50 / 50

 August 50/50 Winners Jim Elliott and Tony Sheldon 

Two Woodstocks poised to become sister cities

Article - 5 June 2019 - Sentinel Review (Woodstock)



Ever wondered about our namesake city in Woodstock, England? The city of Woodstock is considering adding the English township as a “sister city” this week, as well as a Japanese city. A memo by Woodstock Mayor Trevor Birtch on Thursday’s council agenda urges the city to consider adding two new sister cities, one of them Woodstock, England – a town of 3,100 about two hours northwest of London in Oxfordshire County. Birtch is also asking council to consider the addition of a sister city in Japan, though a specific city has not yet been identified. Woodstock already has two sister cities: Pesche, Italy, established in 2002, and Sylvania, Ohio, established in 1992. Woodstock has been active in the sister cities arrangement with Sylvania. “Exchanges take place in the form of goodwill and involvement in community events such as parades, festivals, exchanges between service clubs and more,” the memo notes. The possibility of entering a sister cities agreement with Woodstock, England, was identified after a collaboration of two service clubs, the men’s Probus clubs (Rotary clubs for retired members) of each Woodstock. Birtch said he took part in a discussion in December with both clubs and the mayor of Woodstock, England, regarding a heritage twinning. “In discussions regarding a possible heritage twinning of the two Woodstocks, our director of culture was quickly able to identify many similarities. This possible twinning was discussed with the sister city committee and all agreed it would be a great relationship to explore based on heritage,” Birtch wrote. And in Japan, a Southern Ontario Marketing Alliance (SOMA) delegation travelling to the area this fall will be authorized to explore the partnership, if council approves. “During discussion with chamber of commerce members in Japan, it was noted that many communities in Canada have sister city relationships with Japanese cities. Woodstock has a very diverse economic tie to Japan with multiple companies including some of the largest manufacturing investments in Ontario, and has yet to formally seek a sister city status in Japan,” Birtch notes in the memo to council. Woodstock sister city relationships are managed by a committee. A sister city in Japan would be for “economic development” purposes, Birtch said, and noted the city’s economic development officer is in agreement that a sister city twinning is “long overdue.” A sister city in Japan would be chosen to align with Woodstock’s industrial background, and selected with the help of the Canadian embassy, consul general and Canadian Chamber of Commerce, to be located in Japan’s “industrial heartland.” Council is expected to make a decision on whether to explore entering these agreements on Thursday.  





 It’s time to get your cheque book out – to pay your Probus club dues for 2019 – 2020. Ken Shrubsall will be accepting payments starting in August - at $ 55.00 for those getting a newsletter by email - at $ 65.00 for those getting a newsletter by regular mail.  



     We dodged the approaching thunderstorms and enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Jed Lau and hosted in the kitchen of Sharon and Bill Meek. Thanks to all who attended! And special Thanks to the Meeks 

There is a potential Grand River Cruise in September, with the London Probus Club. More details to follow at our next meeting – August 13th . 

 September newsletter creator & editor 

Thank you to Bob Axon 



Jet Air Museum : “Don, who is a volunteer at the J.A. Museum' turned up for our museum visit to participate as a tour guide. So many thanks to Don for his contributions. We had three Probus Club members participating in the tour who are retired pilots: We had three Probus Club members participating in the tour who are retired pilots: Bob Elliott, John Farley, and Tony Paladino.


 Please note that photos of our tour are now posted on our Probus Club website- photo's so I would encourage you to check them out. And finally, a thank you to our Webmaster, Christine Hannon for her stellar efforts... and patience." Tony Sheldon "