Newsletter 'Volume 31 – Issue 5– February 2020


.............................THE WOODSTOCK – OXFORD MEN’S PROBUS CLUB...............................

  Woodstock, Ontario

We meet monthly on the 2nd Tue at 9:45 A.M. at Quality Inn


February is the month for love, flowers, candy and happiness

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President Jerry’s Message



 We live in a prosperous country with lots of benefits and opportunities. The Gobal Social Mobility Index 2020, provides “a much-needed assessment of the current state of social mobility worldwide” as we face “entrenched” inequality. The report, citing in part a 2108 study by the OECD, looks at income mobility across generations. In Denmark, it takes an estimated two generations for those born into a family in the bottom 10 per cent of earners to lift themselves into the mean income range. In Sweden, Norway and Finland it takes three generations; in Canada it’s four; and in the U.S. and the U.K. it’s five. Fair wages, social protection, working conditions and learning fall short in almost every country. Countries doing the best provide the right mix of access to education, good working conditions, solid social protections and high degrees of inclusiveness. How can we make our country fairer? Topics and presentations let us keep up with our fun times. Please invite anyone who might be interested in our Probus Club. 

President Jerry 


Science Club News from Al Driedger


 SCIENCE CLUB meets every month at 8:30 am  


 Our January 14th presentation by President Jerry was on Modern Hydroforming in the manufacturing of automotive structural parts. See his complete presentation here


 Our February 11th presentation will be by Al Driedger who will discuss some facets of radiation science and public safety, a topic he taught in the Nuclear Medicine program at Western University. Al will discuss what happened at 4 major nuclear reactor accidents as well as the consequences of a few nuclear crimes. 

   Membership News from Ken Shrubsall 

 Give a welcome to our Newest Members: 

 George McKnight - sponsored by Peter Ewing  

Don Perkins - sponsored by Glen McDonald 

Our current membership stands at 120. 

Who am I Speakers from Peter Harrison


Keith Stevens

 Our January Who Am I speaker was Keith Stevens. Keith described his many accomplishments. You can read his very informative presentation here. 


 Our February Who Am I speaker will be Past President Naif Shaheen. Naif was the first President of the Woodstock Men’s Probus Club in 1990-91. . .more


Jessica Thomas

Pfenning's Organic

Pfenning's Organic


 Our January speaker, arranged by Dave King, was Jessica Thomas from RBC Dominion Securities who gave us an update and outlook for the 2020 market. Her presentation was informative and included a number of economic assessments that are included here

Pfenning's Organic

Pfenning's Organic

Pfenning's Organic


 Our February speaker will be Lauren Stallard, Sales & Marketing Manager, from Pfenning’s Organic Farm and Market in New Hamburg who will discuss the Growing and Benefits of Organic Vegetables 

Breaking News!! Mark Your Calendar!!


Future Events: 

 Wednesday, August 26, 2020: Annual Summer Social. We are hoping to go back to Rose Hill with its beautiful country setting.

 Wednesday, April 22, 2020 : 2020 REEL CANADA Plans have us doing two movies showings this year (one show will be Come From Away! TBA later:

 A Tour of Castle Killbride 

A History Walking Tour 

A Drive-to-Eat 

Any Probus member with ideas for events let any member of the Events Committee know or email Rob Bryant at 

 Web Site News from Bob Axon 

Every member should check their personal information in the website - and report any errors or omissions to Bob Axon at


Password ENTRY to the Website Directory is now available for extra security of all members. Follow the directions carefully and reset your password to one that you intend to make permanent. Please submit your photographs of any member activities to Bob Axon for inclusion in our unique collection of photos for visitors to the website and members. 

Future Guest Speakers

Membership News from Ken Shrubsall

Membership News from Ken Shrubsall


Future  Speakers


 Our January Who Am I speaker will be Keith Stevens. 




Membership News from Ken Shrubsall

Membership News from Ken Shrubsall

Membership News from Ken Shrubsall



   Current membership stands at (actually they generally sit at the meetings) 121. . 

Birthdays; 50/50

Membership News from Ken Shrubsall

Birthdays; 50/50


   Graham Brown

 Balwant Rai 

Mike Connell 

Keith Reibling 

Doug Eckel 

Ken Riehl 

Robert (Bob) McTavish

 Terry Wallace 

50 / 50

   January winners were Bob Watson and Harry Mott! 

 Our Thanks to John Bell for this final version of the Newsletter.

A Lighter Side of Life


A trucker came into a Truck Stop Cafe' and placed his order: "I want three flat tires, a pair of headlights and a pair of running boards." The new blonde waitress, not wanting to appear stupid, went to the kitchen and said to the cook, "This guy just ordered three flat tires, a pair of headlights and a pair of running boards. Does he think this place is, an auto parts store?" 'No,' the cook said. 'That means three pancakes two eggs sunny side up; and two slices of crisp bacon. She thought for a moment then spooned up a bowl of beans. The trucker asked, 'What are the beans for, Blondie? She replied, 'I thought while you were waiting you might as well gas up! 


See you again