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Newsletter 'September' 2019



  Woodstock, Ontario


'September' Newsletter 2019


Message from President Judy Hollinger

   Man, as a young mother, I hated September. So busy and expensive! Back to school clothes, all those fees and dues. It was such a hectic time! Now, it is just exciting times as I watch our children and grandchildren wade through it all. September is when things return to normal and we can sign up for new adventures. Change is a part of life. This month, as we return back to Probus, we are trying something new - coffee time before our meeting starts. We hope this change gives us more time to meet new people and chat. Take some time to say hello to someone you don’t know and embrace change! I can’t wait for our always interesting Getting To Know You talks and our excellent Guest Speakers! Let’s enjoy!



September Meeting



Jill reminded us that there are still committee positions to be filled for next year.  She also thanked the South Gate volunteers who serve the coffee and tea at break every week.


Sharon Bale talked about the Getting to Know You Committee

 it is a small time commitment, only 1 meeting per year. Committee members take turns attending the management meeting and introducing the members who will be speaking. They need one new committee member.


Geri Shearer informed us that the Program Committee will need three new members next year. Each member of the committee is responsible for finding and introducing a speaker for two general meetings. This is usually all done by the end of the summer. Also, if you have any suggestions for speakers, please pass the information on to the committee.


Norma spoke on behalf of the Special Events Committee, which will need two new members next year. This committee plans and sells tickets for the luncheons at Christmas, Valentine’s and the end of the year.

Lee Mroz told us that she and Dot Wells are stepping down from the 50/50 committee, after many years of selling us our tickets as we arrive. Our club will need two new members to look after this, starting in September.


Membership / Events Committee


       This is a short newsletter to ask for your help in a few areas and to let you know of a change in the format of the meeting that the executive would like to try.

The meeting will begin with a social time from 9:45 to 10:15 and the formal meeting will start at 10:15

In addition to the Vice-president(s), whose job description to the right, we are looking for 2-3 women to look after the 50/50 draw, 1 more member for the Program Committee and 1-2 new members on the Special Events Committee. We also need a volunteer to play the piano for us – it could be someone different each month. If you can help with any of these positions, please contact Jill Lavin at 


Upcoming Special Event

    Reserve December 18 for the Christmas luncheon. Details will be announced at the

September meeting and tickets will be available at the October and November meetings.

A sub-committee to plan for 25th anniversary celebrations has been formed: Liz Jones, Joyce McKinney, Sue Courtney 


Wanted & Needed! 

One or more persons to put their name forward for Vice President to fill our executive slate for the year. Please consider it! Your only obligation as Vice President is to attend the short Executive Meeting on the second Wednesday of the month and just sit back and listen. You may be called to fill in for the President’s absence in February and March but only if you feel comfortable. We also have our wonderful Past Presidents who are willing to help. The next year you would chair the meetings as President. You have preplanned agendas to follow and all you do is ask for our various Committee Heads to report. We have dedicated Committees that run smoothly and efficiently.  This is an easy bunch to lead and an easier group to talk in front of. Everyone is in the Probus Club because they want to be here! We need YOUR assistance! 

Please help!

Looking forward to starting a new Probus season on Wednesday September 18 at South Gate.

Come for the social at 9:45. Get reacquainted with old friends and meet some new people too.


Enjoy our group? 

Would you like to join?

Just click on banner below, print and fillout information. Last but importantly bring it with you to the next 

Membership Form

Committee Contacts

Donna Wallace

Dale DeHeer

Sharon Bale


The annual membership fee of $50 is now due. Please bring a cheque.   

Greeters -- 50/50 draw


Speaker for September:  Nick Truman from Erie Rest Medical Group on medical cannabis

Greeter for 

 Sept: Judy Hollinger 

General Meeting:   

Looking forward to starting a new Probus season on Wednesday September 18 at South Gate.

Come for the social at 9:45. Get reacquainted with old friends and meet some new people too.



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