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  Woodstock, Ontario



Message from Our President


             While it doesn’t always feel it, Spring is happening this month! On March 20ththe sun shines on the equator for the Vernal Equinox, giving us a near 50-50 split of day and night. I was born on Pi Day which celebrates 3.14 with math jokes, pi-reciting competitions and of course fresh baked pie! We also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day whether Irish or not. A great excuse to pull some green out of our wardrobe. Happy Spring!

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Getting To Know You

  Jane Fletcher


Sharon Bale introduced our Vice-president Jane Fletcher. Jane grew up in Woodstock and is a self-declared late bloomer. She left home for the first time at age 34 to go to university in Waterloo where she pursued Social Development Studies. Her summer job during that time had her working at Christian Horizons, a group home for severely challenged children. During a one year stint working there after her studies were completed she met her husband. She started to work on her Masters of Theological Studies and Pastoral Care full time, but after one year the reality of having to work forced her to leave and continue studying on a part time basis. At that time she worked as an activation manager in a 240 bed seniors’ home, where her role encompassed the day program, palliative care and pastoral care. One highlight of that time involved getting the Oscar Meyer wiener car to come to one of their big events. She was instrumental in creating a palliative care program, including a policy and procedure manual. She completed her Masters in 2003, then went back to university full-time to complete her Masters of Divinity. She was ordained in 2005 at which time she and her husband moved to Windsor for 7 years. They returned to Woodstock in 2012. Her husband returned to Christian Horizons and Jane went to work at Woodingford Lodge as a social services worker. Mental health has become a huge issue in long term care homes and Jane was able to take enough courses that she knew enough to help and eventually train other workers. She offered empathy training to staff using a “virtual dementia” program. She also worked in palliative care at Woodingford. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2017 and had her left kidney removed. She retired then. Probus was on her list of things to do in retirement and she has enjoyed sharing time with her friends here and meeting new people.

Speaker for March


Fern Wolf


                    Elizabeth Brekelmans introduced Fern Wolf, who has worked in the field of energy medicine and biofeedback technology since 1999. She is a holistic practitioner who deals with nutrition and pain relief. Her talk today focused on the damaging effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and what we can do to protect ourselves. There are positive and negative ions in the atmosphere. The positive ones are called cations – they are the ones emitted by electronic devices and they are bad for the body. The negative ones are called anions – they are good for our bodies and something as simple as walking barefoot on the ground can allow them to impact our bodies in a positive way. We humans are energetic beings, we emit and receive frequencies and our energy filed is very vulnerable. Cations can cause pain, irritation, limited mobility and loss of strength. Every electrical or battery-operated device emits these positive ions in the form of EMFs. The introduction of 5G technology for running the internet is poised to have a huge negative impact on our health. This technology can be mounted on any lamppost with up to 100 antenna ports, meaning the EMFs are no longer coming from a tower out of population centres, but could potentially be right outside your front door. Children born today will form the first generation of humans to be exposed to such high levels of EMFs from cradle to grave, so it will be many years before the full impact on health will be known. We can already see that brains of frequent users of technology look different from those of people who don’t. There are doctors in many countries around the world asking for stoppage of 5G technology. There are ways to protect ourselves. Exposing our hands and feet to the ground as much as possible will give us more anions. There are cation shields that can be purchased to install on our devices. There are anion insoles available for our shoes and an anion producing pen-like object that we can carry. One final piece of advice she gave us was to keep our energy frequencies high by waking up every day and spreading joy. More information about this can be found at 

MARCH Meeting

Membership / Events Committee

Membership / Events Committee



 Thank you to Mary Mackesy for providing music during the social time     


        Mary Sellars, treasurer, reported that we have a healthy bank balance 


Judy honoured two long-time members who passed away recently – Dot Wells and Joan Wright. She also extended condolences to Jean Schwass and Suzanne Hughes on the passing of their husbands.

Judy shared a thank you note written in Braille that we received from last month’s speaker.







Membership / Events Committee

Membership / Events Committee

Membership / Events Committee



                    There were 87 members in attendance. We had one guest this month – Kim Fanning was a guest of Darlene Hardy. We welcomed one new member. Linda Neal is a retired nurse and office manager, whose current interests include sewing and genealogy.

“A Request from our Web Page Editor - Chris Hannon”. 

I have a great deal of pictures on the website some going back many years. For the next two months I would like to suggest that the general members check them out and copy the ones they like for themselves so I can cut the files down. I do not plan on removing them completely but changing them to a collage instead.

I would also suggest anyone who has Facebook to please place our site on their page even only for one day. This is great advertisement. I have had good luck and many questions this way. Not just for Woodstock but worldwide. Once on the site just click the FB icon to post it.

We have a page for short stories, poems, sayings and jokes, may I please ASK members to participate. Just send your goodies to Chris at Remember this is not my website it is OUR website.

Thank you all.

Upcoming Special Event

Membership / Events Committee

Upcoming Special Event



81 members stayed after the February meeting to enjoy lunch provided by South Gate.

Tickets ($30) for the 25th anniversary luncheon/celebration on June 17that the Elm Hurst will be available at the April and May meetings..

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Upcoming Getting to Know You

April...…. Sharron Poole

May..... Earla Cockburn 


Greeters, Speakers, GKY- 50/50 draw

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Committee Contacts

Greeters, Speakers, GKY- 50/50 draw

Committee Contacts

Donna Wallace

Dale DeHeer

Sharon Bale


A reminder to all members: South Gate Centre is a scent-free facility.


Deb Moss reported that there were 93 members in attendance. There were also 2 guests – Linda Neill with Nancy Cassidy and Jane Corbett with Liz Jones.

Greeters, Speakers, GKY- 50/50 draw

Greeters, Speakers, GKY- 50/50 draw

Greeters, Speakers, GKY- 50/50 draw


Speaker for Fern Wolf, a natural health practitioner 

Greeters for February:  Joan Leary and Geri Shearer 

50/50 winners      

This month’s winners were Pat Bruvelaitis and Ruby Reid

  Getting to Know You  February

 Jane Fletcher 

General Meeting:    

   Wednesday, MARCH 19, 10 AM, South Gate Centre – reminder: we return to our regular format of starting the meeting at 10 and breaking for coffee before the speaker.

Greeters, Speakers, GKY- 50/50 draw



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