The Women Of Probus Warmly Welcome You

Our Beginning 1987

The first Probus club for seniors in North America was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Galt in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Mar 17th in 1987.

 Each Probus Club is autonomous. The club endeavours to be simple in structure, be free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members in a minimal cost. The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other, and the opportunity for development of acquaintance.


Additional Information

Unlike the men's club, the women's club only meets from September until June. The two summer months are void of any meetings. These meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each attending month.


Notice of Further Cancellation of Probus Meetings


Well, fellow Probus Members, you are missed!  I hope you are staying healthy and are finding things to keep you occupied that give you some happiness in these troubling times.

Your Management Team have been communicating via email and telephone and have made the difficult decision to cancel the April/May/June meetings and resume hopefully in September.  If things turn around quickly with regard to the COVID-19 virus and the Southgate Centre opens back up then we can always rethink our decision.  Unfortunately, we were all looking forward to our 25th Anniversary Celebration in June.  We have decided to postpone that celebration and combine it with our Christmas luncheon at the Elmhurst Inn in December.  We will have a lot to celebrate by then and plan to make it special!

At the September and October General Meetings, Ann Gun-Munro has agreed to update any pictures for our new Probus Directory.  If you want a more up-to-date picture taken, please see Ann, only before or directly after one of those meetings.  Janet Snider, with help from our Membership Chair Deb Moss, will endeavour to have a new Directory available to us for our December celebration.  Please also advise Deb Moss at mmoss905@rogers.comor by phoning 519-539-2288 of any changes in your information for the Directory soon.

Deb Moss and her Committee have updated our By-laws using a suggested version from Probus Canada.  We will distribute this to you in our Newsletter prior to our September General Meeting so that we can vote on it at that meeting.  Once approved it will be posted on our website.

Probus Canada has announced the election results (as voted on by your Management Team) for a new Director for our District Ontario 5.  Her name is Lorna Eadie Hocking.  She will replace Jim de Zorzi.

As in every year, we will have some vacancies in Management and on our various Committees that we will need to fill with volunteers.  Please take a look and decide your best fit and send me an email at or call me at 519-535-0241.  We need you!  When we meet in September we will vote on our new Management.

President: Jane Fletcher (our current Vice President) has agreed to be your President.

Vice-President: Vacant – Please put your name forward or nominate someone.

Past President: Judy Hollinger    

Secretary: Jan Perrin has agreed to continue.

Treasurer: Vacant – Please put your name forward or nominate someone.  Mary Sellars has it all organized and has done a wonderful job and will help to transition you to the position.

50/50: Vacant – We need two people to come forward.  If we don’t do a 50/50 draw, an alternative might be to increase our dues accordingly in future years to come.

Membership: Our current Committee lead by Deb Moss will continue.

Directory: Janet Snider will continue.

Photos: Ann Gun-Munro will continue but her backup, Ruby is stepping down, so we have a position         Vacant – Please consider putting your name forward if you like taking pictures.

Newsletter: Sandy Smith will continue.

Web Page: Chris Hannon will continue.

Getting To Know You: Vacant (Donna Wallace is stepping down) Sharon Bale and Nancy Gillespie will continue.

Programme: Marg Overveld and Lenore Kuenzie are stepping down so we have Vacancies!Elizabeth Brekelmans will continue but needs your help.

Special Events: Norma King and Christine Uchacz will continue but we have a Vacant spot as Jan Perrin can only be one place at a time and she is our current Secretary.  We have a Sub-Committee for our 25th Anniversary consisting of Liz Jones, Sue Jones, Sue Courtney and Joyce McKinney who will be helping the regular Committee members plan our December celebration.

Even a position that is currently showing as filled, if you are interested, put your name forward.  An election process is welcomed at our September Meeting.

Please stay healthy and reach out via telephone, email or video conference to others.  There is no need to feel alone when we have each other.  Our Community needs you to stay home right now but any donation to our Community Charities will always be welcome.  Look around at the many robins and beautiful spring flowers and know that this is in God’s Hands and there is hope for our future.  We will be together again and will celebrate!

Judy Hollinger


Our Past Presidents From 1996 Until Today.

1996-97 Sally Pilgrim,              1997-98 Nancy Gray,        

1998-99 Ruth Butt,                   1999-00 Donna Hart,  

2000-01 Truus Van Wees      2001-02 Norma Latter,       

2002-03 Carol Turner,            2003-04 Mary Gaskin,  

2004-05 Mary Gaskin,           2005-06 Donna Treleaven   

2006-07 Irene Priest,             2007-08 Donna Lazenby, 

2008-09 Karen Seguin,         2009-10 Diane McGee,          

2010-11 Gwen Pooley              2011-12 Elaine Draper,      

2012-13 Judy Sokalski,             2013-14 Gail Puddicombe,  

2014-15 Pam Orth, Diane Palmer  

2015-16 Connie Lauder & Mary Anne Silverthorn,                  

2016-17 Christine Uchacz & Jan Perrin,                

2017-18  Karen Carley & Liz Jones 

2018-19 Jill Lavin & Mary Donlev

2019-20 Judy Hollinger