In The Beginning 1990

Rotary Clubs


The first Probus club for seniors in North America was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Galt in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Mar 17th in 1987 

The Birth of Probus


 Each Probus Club is autonomous. The club endeavours to be simple in structure, be free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members in a minimal cost. 

The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other, and the opportunity for development of acquaintance. 

Anniversary Celebration, top left and middle pictures.

Our 26th President Larry Gaillais and Probus Rep 

1st President Naif Shaheen mddle picture.

Our first President Of Men’s Probus (1990 - 1991) speaks at the 25th 

 Anniversary at Rosehill.  

Charter Members 1990-91 top right picture.

Charter members 1990 - 1991: (left to right)

Naif Shaheen ,Tom Sneyd , Ken Riehl, Art Robar, Bill Budd , ? & Ed Gloin


From Right to Left


 2019-2020 Men’s Probus Executive Team  
L to R  Top Row.  Robert Ball,  John Richardson, Bob Axon, John Carley, Peter Harrison, Ian Clark, Richard Olson, VP Bill Weir, Peter Boleszczuk, Phil Thorne

Bottom Row. Ken Shrubsall, Pres. Jerry Klages, Past Pres. Dave King, Rob Bryant, Dave Hay, missing 2nd VP Al Driedger 


Past & Present Woodstock Probus Presidents (1990-2020)

L to R Doug Puddicombe (2013-2014)  Jerry Sokalski (2009-2010) Larry Legallais (2014-2015) Dave Clowes  (2011-2012) Bob Axon (2016-2017) Naif Shaheen (founder 1990-1991) Art Jones (2015-2016) Roy Vardy (2008-2009) Phil Thorne (2017-2018) Jerry Klages (2019-2020)

Probus Presidents 1990-2020

1990-91           Naif Shaheen                         1991-92            Ross Pirie      

1992-93           Norm Carter                           1993-94           Frank Smith

1994-95            Bob Smith                             1995-96           Fred Downing   

1995-96            Fred Freeman                       1996-97            Art Harrison

1997-98            Wyatt Gamble                     1998-99            Alex Chisholm

1999-00           Mason Brownscombe       2001-01            Hal Walls

2001-02           Angus Mowat                      2002-03           Michael deBeer 

2003-04          Keith Latter                          2004-05          Art Robar

2005-06          Suresh Dixit                         2006-07           Joe Fohkens

2007-08          Bob Douglas                        2008-09          Roy Vardy

2009-10           Jerry Sokalski                       2010-11              David Wright

2011-12              David Clowes                       2012-13             Bernard Calder

2013-14             Doug Puddicombe             2014-15             Larry LeGallais

2015-16             Art Jones                                2016-17             Bob Axon 

2017-18             Phil Thorne                           2018-19             Dave King 

2019-20            Jerry Klages  

Who Am I? Speakers

                                   Brian Armstrong                               Larry Asp                     

                                    Bob Axon                                            Robert Norman Ball

                                    Brian Banush                                    Bob Beattie

                                    Rick Bell                                              Graham Brown

                                    Rob Bryant                                         Dan Byers    

                                    Bernard Calder                              Ross Campbell

                                    Dr Wayne Campbell                       John Carley

                                    Dr. Paul Carter                                  Earl Clayton

                                    David Clowes                                    Mike Connell

                                    John Cook                                           Morris Cosyn 

                                    Murray Coulter                                 Don Downing

                                    Al Driedger                                        Phil Dunbar

                                    John Eacott                                       Peter Ewing

                                    John Farley                                        Fred Freeman

                                    Wayne Geall                                     Les Goodall

                                    Doug Goodbun                                Peter Harrison

                                    Ian Hart                                              Bruce Hartley

                                    Dave Hay                                          Sid Hewitt

                                   Ash Holloway                                   Martin Jamieson

                                   Art Jones                                         Jim Jones

                                   David Lorne King                             Jerry Klages

                                   Bill Koleszar                                   Jim Lefler

                                   Larry LeGallais                                 Ed Majernik

                                   Glen McDonald                                John McDougall

                                   George McEwen                              Gerry McKay            

                                   Jim McNamara                                Bob McTavish

                                   Bill Meek                                            Ken Minler 

                                   Everett Mossman                           Harry Mott

                                   Richard Orton                                  Jack Pasma

                                   Tony Paladino                                 Dave Palmer

                                   Don Post                                           John Richardson

                                   Ken Riehl                                           John Rowell 

                                   Norm Ryder                                     Larry Sales

                                   Jim Savage                                      Tony Sheldon

                                   Ken Shrubsall                                  Duncan Sinclair 

                                   David Smith                                    Gerry Sokalski

                                  Gary Stephens                                 Stuart Dean

                                  Lance Steel                                       David Stock

                                  David Tabor                                     Keith Thompson

                                  Ken Thompson                                Phil Thorne

                                  Bob Thornton                                  Roy Vardy

                                  Doug Vincent                                  Terry Wallace

                                  Hal Walls                                          Paul Ward

                                  Watson                                              Bill Weathersdton

                                 Bill  Weir                                             David Wright

                                 Deward Yates  

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