Let us Remember those of our Probus family 1990-2018

Charter Members:

 Brown Pat

Brownscombe Marie

Ellis Ruth
Evans Mary
Hamill Doris
Hedley Emmeline
Jamieson Winnefred
Jull Mary
Kelner Wanda
Kitchen Jean

Latter Norma
Lees Edith
Lester Meta
McLary Helen
Munnoch Marjorie
Parrott Isobel
Poole Betty

Randle Jeanne
Ross G. Margaret
Ross Margaret E.
Rowe Patricia
Sanderson Norah
Sawtell Marion
Webb Marjorie
Webster Pat

Past Presidents

Gaskin Mary

​Latter Norma

Lazenby Donna

​Palmer Diane

Turner Carol

Probus Family Members:


​Bekker Aileen

Bingham Sally            

Cohoe Ruth
Cuthbert Mable            

Eckel Yvonne
Goff Frances                

Hall Jean
Harvey Thora              

Howe Mona
Julian Shirley              

Keil Laurie
Luckman Mary            

Mowat Mary
McQuade Berny          

Ness Jack, Helen
Pike Rosalee                

Ramsey Irene
Stephens Pat              

Trotter May
Webb Marjorie

White Colleen
Wilkie Noreen
Wilson Eleanor
Wylie Carolyn

We love our Probus Club For it means so much to us We greet each other With a smile and coffee

A Moment Of Reflection




Oprah Winfey said-“Be thankful for what you have: you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” 

One gets out of a thing what one puts into it!!!, 

                                       Karen Seguin


 Share a Smile 

Listen ! Can you hear it? The laughter that eases pain, Feel it! Swirl around you, The warmth of caring once again. 

Reach out! And we will guide you, Into our special world of fun, Share it, for it's contagious, It can be had by everyone. 

Find it! But do not keep it, Pass it on to all you know, What is it? It's, "Share A Smile." Plant the seed and watch it grow. 

         by Christine Hannon

I Wish That God Would Wait 

I will beg you not to leave us, 

I will plead with you to stay, 

I will cry cause it's not fair, 

God moves in a mysterious way. 

Why you? I do not understand. 

His ways aren’t clear to me, 

How could He take the best there is, 

It simply cannot be. 

I love you for your goodness, 

For your cheerfulness and care, 

And when I need assurance, 

You were always there. 

I hope I said the right things, 

To let you know you’re great, 

How much I really love you, 

And I wish that God would wait. 

                  By Christine Hannon

Short Stories

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