Members of Probus visit Burnbrae November 26, 2019



Canada’s first Egg Producer to build a Solar

Farm totally energy self-sufficient.

Totally Solar Energy!


Burnbrae Egg Production housing 34,000 

Lohmann Brown free-range Hens uses .

Special Events News from Bob Axon

The committee is continuing to plan a number of interesting and exciting future events and will present their proposals at a future meeting. 


Your input regarding any of the following would be appreciated: 

Facetime with Oxfordshire Probus. 

A History Walk of Woodstock Houses. 

A Tour of Castle Kilbride in Baden.

 A new NFB movie presentation.

 A new Lunch and Theatre Event.

 A new Drive 2 Eat. 

The committee is also seeking a new venue for our 2020 Summer Social. Please pass any suggestions on to Rob Bryant at or any committee member. 

Our December Science Club Meeting

Join your amateur science friends at 8:30 am December 10th for:

The Genius of the Japanese

“Going from Worst to Best”

Brian Schlegel uses his personal career experience to present an in-depth view of Japanese car-making methods that revolutionized the automotive industry and created world-wide dominance.

Brian worked in a Japanese auto plant and travelled to Japan several times to study their world changing strategies to eliminate mistakes and instill perfection!

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